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  Whenever a Wales & West Guided Tours designed itinerary is subsequently delivered by one of our professional guides, then your ‘Itinerary Planning Fee’ is returned at the rate of 20% per tour. Operate just 5 tours and your Itinery Planning Service becomes FREE!

Itinerary Planning Fees

Short & Full Day Tours = £100 2 or 3 Day Tours = £180 4 to 7 Day Tours = £250

Prehistoric Sites & King Arthur

Wales & South West England are the areas of Britain most associated with wonderful prehistoric sites and abound in the legends of King Arthur & Merlin. It’s not just the most well known site of Stonehenge that deserves a visit. The stone circle at Avebury is larger and more accessible, and sits close to one of the largest man-made hills in Europe, Silbury. The fisrt person to write of the exploits of King Arthur was from Wales, and he set the legends, passed down by oral tradition, very firmly in the context of Wales and South West England. Wonderful landscapeslike the Cornwall Coast and Tintagel, and the Roman town of Caerleon, which many say was the main base of Arthur, are ready to be explored. 
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